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All classes are broken up into three different levels. Each discipline may require different uniform attire so please read the descriptions carefully. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please click here to contact us. 


Uniform Requirements: 
Girls - Black Leotard and tights, ballet slippers, and elastic.
Boys - White shirt/tank, black sweat-pants or shorts.

Ballet strengthens coordination, flexibility, and increases ones discipline. This class is split up into three levels:

Intro to Ballet-  Focuses on learning techniques and vocabulary that are essential to having a solid Ballet foundation.

Beginner/Intermediate- Builds on the techniques that are learned in the previous level, and goes deeper into more complex movements and techniques. 

Advanced- For those who have proficient knowledge on the basics of Ballet and are ready for professional level training at a fast paced with more challenging techniques.


Uniform Requirements:

Black tap shoes

This class is designed to get the feet working and helps increase musicality. This class is split up into three levels:

Beginner - Explores the basics of Tap dancing for those with little to no experience. 

Intermediate - A moderately fast paced class that hones the basics with more quick and precise choreography.

Advanced - For those who are familiar to tap and are ready for more sophisticated and intricate choreography.



Uniform Requirements:

Girls - Black Leotard and tights, bare feet.

Boys- White shirt/tank, black sweatpants/shorts, bare feet. 

Beginner - Fun, energetic choreography that is geared towards understanding basic modern dance techniques and building better musicality, and strength. 

Intermediate -  Fast and intricate choreography that is challenging and is geared towards developing students into quick and versatile dancers.    

Advanced - Professional level choreography that not only pushes students physically, but also creatively so that they are not only dancers, but well trained, professional, and creative Artists. Students will also learn more Modern dance techniques such as Horton and Graham. 

West African

Uniform Requirements:
Girls - Black leotard and tights, Lapa, bare feet.
Boys - White shirt/tank, black sweatpants/shorts, bare feet.

Our Traditional West African dance classes are extremely energetic. Every week students go deeper into traditional West African movements that are accompanied by live drummers. This class is open to both students and adults.

This class involves all three levels at the same time. 

Located at:

Madiba Prep Middle School

1014 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11221


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